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What is the 'filter' and how do I use it?
What is the 'filter' and how do I use it?
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Introduction to 'Filtering'

The filter appears throughout Seelk Studio's app suite. It enables users to intelligently add filters to visualise data based on their requirements. 

The filter is currently available on the following apps:

  • Catalog

  • Business Intelligence

  • Keywords

  • Catalog Management

Catalog filtering

The filter bar is always placed at the very top of the app.

In Catalog > Product the filter has two filters that appear by default 'Title' and 'Attributes'. To use 'Title', simply click on "Text Search" and type your search term. The Catalog below will immediately update according to the search term you input.

To use 'Attributes', click on the "Attribute" button - it will dropdown a list of all the values linked to your product and their respective parent Attribute. You can select one or more values to filter the products.

To see more filter types click "+ Add Filter" - a dropdown menu will appear giving you a selection of the types of filters you're looking for.

The products list with update as you add more filters.

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