'Content Scoring' introduction

To understand how Catalog give scores to individual product offers please read:
Introduction to the 'Catalog' & how 'scoring' works

How 'Catalog > Overview' works

The 'Catalog > Overview' section in the Catalog App allows you to get a global view of your product scores according to their individual groupings.

The default groups provided by Seelk Studio are:

  • Countries

  • Amazon Categories

  • Amazon Brands

Any custom groupings you want to make for you product is done by create 'Attributes' and their sub-values and link products to the relevant values. To learn more about 'Attributes', please read:

How do I use 'Attributes' and link products to attribute values?

'Average' vs. 'Detailed' views

'Average' view
The 'Average' view gives you percentage based scores according to the Seelk Studio's Catalog app's four main scoring scriteria:

  • Content

  • Offer Health

  • Reviews

  • Overall (a composite of the above three scores)

'Detailed' view
The 'Detailed' view provides you with a bar chart visualisation regarding the amount of products distributed in 5 scorings average ranges:

  • 0-20%

  • 20-40%

  • 40-60%

  • 60-80%

  • 80-100%

The overall score is given a total percentage as is the case in the 'Average' view.

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