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How do I use the 'Overview' in the Catalog app
How do I use the 'Overview' in the Catalog app
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'Content Scoring' introduction

To understand how Catalog give scores to individual product offers please read:
Introduction to the 'Catalog' & how 'scoring' works

How 'Catalog > Overview' works

The 'Catalog > Overview' section in the Catalog App allows you to get a global view of your product scores according to their individual groupings.

The default groups provided by Seelk Studio are:

  • Countries

  • Amazon Categories

  • Amazon Brands

Any custom groupings you want to make for you product is done by create 'Attributes' and their sub-values and link products to the relevant values. To learn more about 'Attributes', please read:

'Average' vs. 'Detailed' views

'Average' view
The 'Average' view gives you percentage based scores according to the Seelk Studio's Catalog app's four main scoring scriteria:

  • Content

  • Offer Health

  • Reviews

  • Overall (a composite of the above three scores)

'Detailed' view
The 'Detailed' view provides you with a bar chart visualisation regarding the amount of products distributed in 5 scorings average ranges:

  • 0-20%

  • 20-40%

  • 40-60%

  • 60-80%

  • 80-100%

The overall score is given a total percentage as is the case in the 'Average' view.

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