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Introduction to the 'Catalog' app
Introduction to the 'Catalog' app
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What are the different modules of the Catalog?

There are currently five sub-modules to the catalog:

  • Overview

  • Products

  • Compliance

  • Reviews

What is 'Overview'?

The 'Overview' is the point of entry to the Catalog app - it offers you a storecheck of your catalog at 'group' dimension. Out-of-the-box Seelk Studio provides users with three groupings:  Countries, Amazon Brands and Amazon Categories. The rest of the groupings are custom and can be create using Attributes. (Read this article for more about how to create and manage your attributes).

You can switch groups by selecting the "Group by" dropdown in the top right of the Overview section.

The scores you see (Content, Offers, Reviews and overall - read more about scores below) are average scores from across the products that exist within those groups.

What are the 'Scores' and the 'Detailed' tabs?

Inside 'Overview' when switching between "Scores" and "Detailed" you are able to see your products scores in different visualisations.

In "Scores" you see your score for that specific element in a basic percentage + donut chart. However, in the "Detailed" view you are able to see the distribution of your products according to five different columns of percentile of your scores, which are as follows:

  • 0-20%

  • 20-40%

  • 40-60%

  • 60-80%

  • 80-100%

You can actually click on any of the bars within the bar chart of the "Detailed" view and you will immediately filder on those products and be directed towards to Catalog > Products module.

This is a powerful feature for deep-diving on a specific product area you want to further analyse.

What are the controls on the toolbar on the side?

The toolbar on the right side of the Catalog provides controls for the module you are currently viewing.

The animation below shows the controls for both the 'Overview' and 'Products' modules.

The toolbar can be found across all the apps and modules of Seelk Studio and usually provides actions and controls for the following:

  • Exporting data

  • Adding/Management products, keyword, etc.

  • Copying filtered ASINs

  • Tooltips for the interface

  • Quick links to modules within Seelk Studio's settings

What is the 'Products' module?

The 'Products' provide both score and detailed analysis your products by either variation or individually.  

The "Scores" tab remains the same as in the 'Overview' module, i.e. it provides scores for the three main scores (including "Overall"), but also gives you the "Sales Rank" of your product.

When you select the "Detailed" tab you will notice that you get an exhaustive number of columns. 

Explanations for the columns in the "Detailed" view are as follows:

  • Brand | What is the Brand currently associated with that product?

  • Title | The title of the product as it appears on the product page

  • Buy Box | Yes or No - does the product page have a Buy Box?

  • Buy Box Owner | Yes or No - Are you the Buy Box Owner?

  • SNS | Yes or No - is the product available in Subscribe and Save?

  • Fast Track | Yes or No - is the product available in 

  • Prime Only | Yes or No - is the product Prime Only?

  • Vendor Offer | Yes or No - does the product have an Amazon Vendor selling it?

  • Vendor Price | The price the product is being sold by the Amazon Vendor

  • Buy Box Price | The current Buy Box Price on the product page

  • FBA Sellers | Total # of Fulfilled by Amazon Sellers

  • MFN Sellers | Total # of Merchant Fulfillment Network Sellers

  • Desc. Length | Length of the description on the product page

  • Bullets | Total # of bullet points on the product page

  • Images | Total # of images on the product page

  • Videos | Total # of videos on the product page

  • A+ | Yes or No - does the product have A+ content 

  • In Stock | Yes or No - is the product currently in stock according to the Amazon product page?

  • Prime | Yes or No - is the product available on Amazon Prime?

  • Reviews | The total # of reviews

  • AVG | The average product rating given by customers

  • Sales Rank | The ranking of the product according to the top category in which the product is located

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