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How are the scores calculated in the Catalog module ('Overview' and 'Products')?
How are the scores calculated in the Catalog module ('Overview' and 'Products')?
How are 'Content', 'Offers', 'Reviews' and 'Overall' scores computed in the Catalog module?
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Scores in the Catalog module are built to evaluate how Product Pages follow Amazon guidelines in terms of content, buyability and reviews.

The objective is to reach >80% for your products on each of these aspects.

📝 How is 'Content score' calculated?

We have deployed a new version of the Content Score which reflects more precisely the content quality of product offer pages.

Now we take into consideration the quality of the content such as the brand mention or the capitalization of the first letter in the title...

In addition, A+ content is not considered as a bonus anymore but as 15% of the content score.

Our content score is now based on weighted ratio of the following page elements :

  • 🖼Images (the page should have at least 6 images) [40% of score]

  • ✒️Title length (the page title should be 80-150 characters, mention the brand name & with 1st letter capitalized) [20% of score]

  • 📌Bullet Points (the page should have at least 5 bullet points with around 200 characters) [20% of score]

  • 📄Description (the page description should be ~500 characters) [5% of score]

  • ✅A+ content (A+ content is not considered anymore as a bonus) [15% of score]

🛒 How is 'Offer Health Score' calculated?

The 'Offer Health Score' evaluates how "buyable" the product is. 

❌ If the Buy Box is not active, score is 0.

If the Buy Box is active, base score is 100 and is impacted by the combination of positive and negative elements as follows.

Positive Elements bringing a bonus to the Offer Score:

  • 'Subscribe & Save' is activated (medium positive impact)

  • The offer is labeled as 'Prime' (medium positive impact)

Elements impacting the Offer Score negatively:

  • Product is Out of Stock (strong impact)

  • Product is Add-On Item (medium negative impact)

  • Product is Prime Only (medium negative impact)

For example (see image below), this product has an 'Offer Health Score' of 70%.

You'll notice that it has a base level score of 100% by being the Buy Box Owner, however has a reduced score (in this case a negative rating of 40%) due to the fact that it is an "Add-On Item". However, it regains a small bonus (10%) due to the fact that the product has 'Subscribe & Save' (SNS).

⭐️ How is 'Review Score' calculated?

The 'Review Score' is measured based on ratio between the following parameters:

  • The number of reviews on the Product Page (your product page should have at least 20 reviews)

  • Average review score (the average review score of the product offer as seen on Amazon)

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