Introduction to Business Intelligence

If you're new to the Business Intelligence app or want to learn more about it, please visit:

▶️ A guide to the Business Intelligence Dashboard

Using the date picker.

Using the left navigation bar inside Seelk Studio, go to Business Intelligence.

On the third bar down on the top right side of screen bar you will see a date picker.

To select a date range, simply click on it!

You can select either weeks or months. When you're done selecting your data range simply hit Apply for the data to fetch and load. 

N.B. Due to performance issues, we have currently removed the "by Days" option, but will reintroduce the feature once we're happy with the speed.

You can also compare two date ranges. To do so:

  • Click the vs button at the top left of the date picker. You'll notice a second date picker dropdown. This is what is referred to as "Period B", with your original period now known as the "Period A". 

You now can select your date ranges according to and using:

  • Weeks or months

  • Using the presets on the left side of each date range picker (i.e. Quarter to date, year to date, etc.). The presets for "Period B" (such as Prev. Period or Next Period) will change automatically according to what you have set in Period A

  • Clicking on the date itself inside Period A and Period B and typing the date range of your choice.

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