Introduction to 'Marketing'

To use Seelk Studio's Marketing app, click on the horn icon in the left navigation bar menu. 

You'll be prompted to select the marketplace country you want to analyse. Select your marketplace to continue.

Once you've selected your marketplace you'll be prompted into the 'Overview' section (you'll see it selected in the top navigation menu).

Seelk Studio's marketing app enables you to analyse your Amazon Marketing performances. 

By plugging into your Amazon Marketing account, Seelk Studio tracks all your marketing metrics across all your paid campaigns on a daily basis. The tracked metrics are:

  • Impressions

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)

  • Clicks

  • Average Cost-per-Click (ACPC)

  • Total Spent

  • Average Cost of Spends (ACOS)

  • Total Sales 

  • Return on Advertising Spends (ROAS)

Using the main metrics (Spends, Sales & ROAS) you can visualise your performance over time.

Seelk Studio tracks Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Product Display Ads.

Main features 

  • Export data

  • Deep-dive according to Campaigns or Brands (if have them!)

  • Ordering  metrics from lowest to highest (and vice versa) in the table view

Settings custom date

Select your custom date by clicking on the calendar button at the top of the right of the view and using the control to select the date range you want to analyse.

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