What is my Marketing budget?

Seelk Studio helps you create a Marketing budget which tracks your Amazon Marketing spends across your different country marketplaces.

To setup your Marketing budget go to the Marketing app by clicking on the horn icon in the left side bar navigation. 

Then select 'Budgeting' from the top menu inside the Marketing app.

Seelk Studio plugs into your Amazon Marketing account to track all your marketing metrics, including spends according:

  • Country

  • Brands

When you arrive on the budgetting app for the first time click on "Add Global Budget" and select the relevant year. In put your total amount and click 'Confirm'

After you've input your budget you'll be sent to the 'Budgeting' section of the Marketing app. The next step is to split your budget by quarter and by brand. 

Click on 'Split Budget'

A pop-up will appear enabling you to choose which Brand you'll be spliting the budget for and the individual quarters for the year in question. Once you're finished, click 'Confirm'.

You can edit the quarter budget split breakdown at any time.

Thereafter you'll be able to see your budget according to brand and the spends per quarter.

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