The basics of "indexing"

The primary method for customers to find products on Amazon is through search!

If your product is indexed for a keyword search term, it will appear as a result when a customer uses that search term in the Amazon search bar.

Checking your keyword indexing allows you to verify on which words your product will be shown as a result for a specific keyword search term.

For example, if you are selling a pair of red socks. If you are indexed for the keyword “red socks,” you will show up as a result when a customer enters “red socks” into the Amazon search bar.

If you are only indexed for “red socks” and not “colored socks”, then when someone types “colored socks” into the Amazon search bar, your product will not show up as a result for that search.

If your product is not indexed with the right words, then buyers will find a competitor’s products or will not find any products related to their search.

Without being indexed for as many highly relevant keywords as possible, you will miss out on potential traffic that would come through that keyword.

Increasing the number of keywords you are indexed for increases the ways your customers find your products.

How does Seelk Studio's "Index Score" system work?

Seelk Studio's "Indexing Score" is based on how many keywords you are correctly indexed for out of the total amount of keywords suggested for that specific ASIN.

As of June 2019, Seelk Studio is currently suggesting 15 high quality keywords per ASIN.

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