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What are 'sections'? How do I view different sections in my Catalog?
What are 'sections'? How do I view different sections in my Catalog?
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What are 'sections'?

Seelk Studio has four sections for your Catalog:

  • Core - this is default and recommended section for the vast majority of your products

  • Competitors - this is if you are tracking competitor ASINs, it is highly recommended that you organise them into this the 'Competitors' section

  • Secondary - this is if you have a secondary catalog that is not part of your main product line, you can organised them into 'Secondary'

  • Detached - this section is recommended if you have a product line that is being sold on Amazon, but by a third party

You can edit/manage which section your products belong to by using Settings > Management > Products. 

Read the following article to learn more:

How do I view different 'sections' in the Catalog?

When inside the Catalog, to view different sections need to:

  • To go Catalog 

  • Click "+Add Filter" in the Filter located at the top of the Catalog

  • Select Sections

  • Select which section(s) you wish to view by click the checkbox(es) - by default your 'Core' section is selected.

You will immediately see that more or less products appear in your catalog. 

N.B. If nothing happens, understand that you may not have yet properly managed your catalog and set which products belong to which section.

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