You will have most likely arrived at this article while adding an Amazon Seller Account from inside Settings > Amazon Accounts > Add an Amazon Account. The instructions below are a step-by-step guide to successfully connecting your Seller Central account to Seelk Studio by granting it access to your account as a MWS developer.

Seelk Studio allows Amazon Sellers to connect their Seller Central account and sync Seller reports with the Studio's Business Intelligence dashboards. 

This solves a major pain for Amazon Sellers who need a centralised, easy-to-use and intuitive platform for analysising their main sales metrics. Syncing Seelk Studio and Seller Central also provides automated access to product listings in order to track other key metrics such as Buy Box Ownership, Best Seller Rank, Out of Stock and Buy Box Price. Coorelating this rich collection of metrics empowers Sellers with the tools they need to make insightful analysis and ultimately improve performance optimization.

To connect to your Seller Central account with Seelk Studio, take the following steps:

i. Log in to your Seller Central account using your primary administrative account.

ii. Once you've logged in (or if you already are!) click here. You should arrive on the screen as seen below. Fill in the blanks as follows

Developer Name: Seelk
Developer ID: 580998096023

Click Next

If the above link does not work. In the top navigation menu go to App Store > Manager Your Apps and click the Add New Developer button

iii. After clicking Next, You will be prompted to the screen as seen below. Be sure to tick both boxes, confirming that you will grant Seelk Studio access to your Seller Central account via Amazon's Marketplace Web Service (MWS).

iv. You will be prompted to a screen that shows that Seelk Studio can now access your Amazon Seller account with MWS. Be sure to copy, paste and save your Seller ID and the MWS Authorisation Token somewhere. You will need them for the next step inside Seelk Studio.

Step 2: Add your Seller ID and Seelk Studio Authorisation Token to Seelk Studio

i. Once you are finished on Seller Central and have successfully save your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token. Go back to Seelk Studio and "Connect your Amazon Seller account" modal and at the "Developer Access" step. 

[N.B. if you are not already there read this article or you can simply find this by going to Settings > Amazon Accounts > Add an Amazon Account and selecting "Amazon Seller" as your desired account]

ii. Paste your Seller ID as well as your MWS Auth Token in their corresponding blank fields.

iii. Click Test

iv. Seelk Studio will verify your Seller ID and MWS Authentorisation Token. Once the verification process is complete you will see notifications reading "The test for your Amazon Seller account was successful." 

v. Click "Connect" to pass to the next step or you can test again to be sure (click "Test")

[N.B. If you encountered an error, please read the 'My Seller ID & Authorisation Token are not working' article for help]


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