For Seelk Studio to begin syncing catalog, sales and marketing data from your Amazon Vendor account you first need to give it permission.

The two primary Amazon applications it requires access to are:

➡️ Amazon Vendor Central
➡️ Amazon Marketing API

Part 1 - Providing Amazon Vendor Central permissions

Seelk Studio requires you to give it permission to the following elements:

➡️ Promotions

➡️  Marketing

➡️  Financial Reports

➡️  Purchase Orders

Follow the steps below to inorder to provide permission

STEP 1 Go to Amazon Vendor Central for the marketplace you wish to connect to Seelk Studio

For example, go to:
🇬🇧 United Kingdom
🇫🇷 France

STEP 2 Navigate to Settings > Manage Permissions

STEP 3 Click "Add another person" button at the top right

STEP 4 For the "Name" please enter "Seelk Studio"

STEP 5 For the "Email" please enter "{company_name}" 

⚠️ [N.B. use the company name given to you when adding your Vendor account inside Seelk Studio via Settings > Amazon Accounts > Add Amazon Account] ⚠️OR the company name given to you by one of our Customer Support team. 

STEP 6 Ensure that the following parameters are set to YES for :

✅ Promotions

✅ Marketing

✅ Financial Reports

✅ Purchase Orders

Ensure that your permission screen is as show below:

STEP 7 You're done! Ensure you activate and save the changes. 🚀

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