Seelk Studio's Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard empowers users with actionable insights on their sales. In the main dashboard, you will be able to display one from various metrics, pick date ranges, group by different categories and customize your graph. 

You can also export raw data and create a Custom Export by clicking the Excel icon and choosing Build Custom Export in the right sidebar.

After you click, in a new pop-up window, you'll be able to :

  • Name your file

  • Select date ranges

  • Select one or multiple metrics

  • Group by categories

  • Apply filters

You can select one or all of the following metrics available:

  • Sell-In Units

  • Sell-Out-Units (Manufacturing)

  • Sell-Out-Units (Sourcing)

  • Sell-In-Sales

  • PCoGS (Manufacturing)

  • PCoGS (Sourcing)

When you're done, click on 'Create Custom Export', an Excel (.xlsx) file will be generated and downloaded automatically.

You will notice in the exported Excel there are two tabs for each of the metrics you selected. The first being "Raw {metric_name_here}" and the other simply "{metric_name_here}". For example, if you selected 2 metrics, there would be four tabs overall (as seen above).

The raw data tab provides an output of all the sales data for each of the individual products (ASINs) based on the chosen metrics. The metric tab has a single column for the metric in question with overall figures for the elements in that group (if you selected "Country" as your grouping then you will have for, for example, Germany and France).

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