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How to create Custom Charts?
How to create Custom Charts?
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Seelk Studio's Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard empowers users with actionable insights on their sales. In the main dashboard, you will be able to display one from various metrics, pick date ranges, group by different — and customize your graph. 

If you want to display multiple metrics on the same graph, you can create a Custom Chart by clicking in the right sidebar. This will let you pick new variables and then generate and display a separate graph.

After you click, in a new pop-up window, you'll be able to :

  • Name your chart

  • Select date ranges

  • Add one or multiple metrics

  • Customize visualization in Bar or Line 

  • Group by categories

  • Add filters

You can select one or all of the following metrics available:

  • Sell-In Units

  • Sell-Out-Units (Manufacturing)

  • Sell-Out-Units (Sourcing)

  • Sell-In-Sales

  • PCoGS (Manufacturing)

  • PCoGS (Sourcing)

Or select a predefined ratio (without any other metrics):

  • Sell-Out-Sourcing VS Sell-Out Manufacturing + Share

When you're done just click on 'Create Custom Chart' to generate a new graph.

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