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As an Amazon Vendor, how do I know which third party Amazon Sellers are also selling my products?
As an Amazon Vendor, how do I know which third party Amazon Sellers are also selling my products?
Use Seelk Studio to find which 3P FBA or MFN Sellers (or 2P Vendors) are also selling your products in the same Marketplace
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Below is a quick case study of how Muki (our favorite Amazon Vendor and Swedish pharmaceutical company) tracks other 3P Sellers and 2P Vendors selling the same products as them.

Muki loses the Buy Box on one of its Best Sellers because it was out of stock, but who won the Buy Box?

Muki just lost the Buy Box on its top selling toothpaste "Wile E Coyote - Calcium Super Plus - 75ml" because they were out of stock.

Out of Stock (OOS) is an issue unto itself, however they want to ensure that one of their partner 3P FBA Sellers is winning the Buy Box. 

How to track FBA and MFN Sellers on Seelk Studio's Product Catalog

Inside Seelk Studio, to get a quick glance at how many FBA and MFN Sellers are also Selling your products you need simply to:

1. Go to detailed Catalog view

Go to Catalog > Products and select the Detailed tab

2. Check your Catalog and click on the column to "order by"
Look at the data table containing your products. It will show all the columns (check out an in-depth explanation of what the Catalog Detailed columns mean)

Click on the "FBA Sellers" or "MFN Sellers" columns to reorder them by either ascending or descending.

N.B. As you can in the above example, Muki's best selling toothpaste currently has 3 FBA Sellers also selling "Wile E Coyote - Calcium Super Plus - 75ml" and Muki is not the Buy Box Owner in this case. 

3. Click on the product in this case "Wile E Coyote - Calcium Super Plus - 75ml" and the Product card will appear on the right of Catalog table. 

4. Click on the 🕑clock icon at the top of the Product card and the Product Pricing History modal will appear - scroll down to Offers List and you will see the list of other Sellers selling your product. In this case it is "🏃🏽‍♂️Roadrunner Pharma"!  

5. You can also click Download Price History to view an Excel spreadsheet that gives a breakdown of all the Buy Box Owners (according to their Seller IDs) since Seelk Studio has been tracking that product.

You can easily filter out your own Seller ID to see when and where other Sellers owned the Buy Box.

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