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How do I track my Share of Voice for a specific keyword?
How do I track my Share of Voice for a specific keyword?

Read this tutorial to learn how to use Seelk Studio to add keywords and track their Share of Voice

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Knowing which keywords to target is generally a Advertising topic when dealing with Amazon, however Keywords are also the basis upon which Seelk Studio calculates your Share of Voice (SOV) both organically and paid.

What are keywords?

Keywords' refer to the search terms that customers input into the Amazon search bar. When a user types a search term into the search bar the results are a sequential list of products - containing both organic and paid products (with the exception of the Sponsored Brand (i.e. headline advert) that appears once the top of the search page). To clarify, the products are either organic (i.e. they rank at that position without being a paid sponsored product) or paid (i.e. Amazon Vendors and/or Sellers have paid,  for their product to appear based on this search term).

How do I add Keywords to Seelk Studio?

It's easy to add and track keywords in Seelk Studio. For the sake of clarity, "tracking keywords" refers to Seelk Studio gathering SOV, i.e. how do my product fair against competiting brands on a specific keyword search term.

Inside Seelk Studio's Competition app take the following steps to add a new keyword to track:

1. Competition app

Go to the Competition app (click the 🏆 trophy icon on the left side navigation bar) and select the marketplace where you want to add keywords.

2. Add keywords
Click the "Add Keywords" icon at the top right of the interface. A modal will appear. 

Follow the instruction, add your keywords and click confirm. The keywords will automatically be added to Seelk's Studio cue and will be updated in less than 48 hours.

Read this article for a more indepth explanantion.

Case Study: Muki want to analyse their brand presence on a niche keyword

Muki, our favorite fictional Amazon Vendor and Swedish pharmaceutical manufacturer, want to analyse whether their recent Sponsored Product campaign targeting "nasal spray"-related keywords is translating into a solid SOV. 

Muki added "baby nasal spray" to Seelk Studio's Competition app and began tracking the keyword over the course of a week.

By filtering on the "baby nasal spray" inside Competition (see below),

they were able to get a glimpse of two different views:

1. An aggregated breakdown (of the entire week) of their SOV for baby nasal spray displayed a pie chart

2. A timeline of both Organic and Sponsored Product performances against competitors for the past week.

At a quick glance of their SOV graphs, and based on the proportion of "Our Products" (i.e. the green color), Muki was able to conclude that they were in fact carrying out an effective Sponsored Product campaign and that their organic SOV had also improved.

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