This article is composed of two main sections:

  1. What are Amazon product customer reviews and ratings?

  2. How to use Seelk Studio to track and analyse your Amazon product reviews 

  3. A Case study of how Muki tracks there product reviews

What are Amazon customer reviews and rating?

It goes without saying that one the keys to success on Amazon is having good customer reviews and ratings.

Good customer review ratings not only increase the likelihood of people buying your products, but also help with your overall product ranking. The better the product rank, the easier it is for customers to find product and purchase your products 🙂.

What's the difference between a "customer review" and "customer rating"?

A customer review is what is written by a customer (this includes both a title and a description). 

A cuscomter rating is the score out of 5 given by the customer reviewing the product.

The aim is to have positive reviews and a rating score as close to 5 as possible. Basically, you want your customers to consistently give you those famous five yellow stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

Where can I see my product ratings on Amazon?

There are several places on Amazon where you can see product ratings:

1. In the search results

You get a visual representation of the rating score with the five stars (hopefully most of them are yellow rather than blank!) and the total number of ratings submitted.

2. On the product page header
On the actual product page just under the product title you will again see the yellow stars and the total number of ratings submitted.

3. Under the Additional Information section

Near the bottom of the product page you will find customer reviews inside the Additional Information section on which you can also hover to see a more detailed breakdown of the review ratings.

4. Under the Customer reviews section
This is obviously where you get an exhautive breakdown of all the customer reviews and ratings one by one as well as a breakdown summary of the percentage for each star rating the customers have given.

How do I track my reviews in Seelk Studio?

Going through your products one by one to see how many reviews and what ratings you have is a tedious process.

Luckily, we built a solution inside Seelk Studio's Catalog app called "Reviews" for you to track your customer reviews and see how many new reviews you've had in the last 30 days.

Tracking and analysising my reviews ー Seelk Studio Tutorial

There are several ways to track and analyse your reviews inside Seelk Studio. In this tutorial we explore the following:

  • Tracking how many new reviews my products have had since either yesterday, 7 days, or 30 days previous.

  • Analysing review ratings for groups of products

  • Analysing the review ratings difference between different periods

  • Changing the time period for analaysis

  • Checking my previous, new and overall reviews rating score

  • Comparing my previous review ratings with my current review ratings

Tracking new reviews

To access the customer Reviews app inside Seelk Studio go to the Catalog app and click on the Reviews tab at the top.

You'll see three clickable sections showing the number of reviews since that the period in question. There are three periods:

  • Yesterday

  • Last 7 days

  • last 30 days

Select which period you wish to analyse and you will be directed towards a reviews data table.

Analysing review ratings for groups of products

Once you've made your selection (in this case you can click and select "Last 7 days") you'll now see a list of products with a breakdown analysis of how many reviews you currently have compred with what you had 7 days previous AND how many new reviews you've had in the last 7 days.

You can also click on the "Group" dropdown to analyse your reviews as individual groups of ASINs. 

Selecting a grouping other than ASIN can be useful for making a more global analysis of your reviews situation rather than analysing each individual product's review rating.

Take the example below that analyses the Amazon Marketplace (countries) level.

You're able to get a quick overview on the reviews situation at the Marketplace-level and click on a country to deep-dive according to another grouping or list of ASINs.

Changing the time period for analysis

As with the initial selection, anytime you're in the reviews rating data table you're able to change your "since" period (by clicking on the dropdown at the top right of the table) to either see customer review ratings scores since:

  • Yesterday

  • Last 7 days

  • last 30 days

How do I check my previous, new and overall reviews rating?

In the table you will notice three columns:

  • # Prev. (This is the total number of reviews you have had yesterday, 7 or 30 days ago)

  • # New. (This is the total number of reviews you have had since yesterday, 7 or 30 days)

  • # Total (This is your current overall number of reviews)

Click on the headers of any of the column to sort them by either ascending or descending order. You can quickly get an overview of which ASINs or groups of products have had the most new reviews during the selected peroiod.

How do I compare my previous review ratings with my current review ratings?

The three columns used for analysing your review rating performance over the specified period of time are:

  • Prev. Rating (Your average review rating at the beginning of the specified period)

  • New Rating (Your current average review rating)

  • Rating Diff. (The difference between your previous rating and your current rating - expressed as both a rating value and a percentage)

By clicking on the headers to sort the order, you can quickly see which products or groups of product either performed the best or worst.

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