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How do I add Keywords to Seelk Studio?
How do I add Keywords to Seelk Studio?
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Adding Keywords

Upon entering the Competition app, the first thing to do is to add keywords. 

Once inside Competition > Keywords you can click on the "+" icon on the tool bar on the right to add Keywords manually.

You will be prompted with an "Add Keywords" modal that allows you to add keywords either "From Suggestion" or manually via "Quick Add" and/or "Upload Excel".

The keyword recommendations are based on recommendations given by Amazon crossed referenced with third-party data for a more accurate calculation of which keywords are most relevant to your products.

If you're adding keywords using "From Suggestions", once you're done adding keywords using the "+" button, simply click "Confirm" and your keywords will be added to Seelk Studio and begin tracking. Please note that that any new keywords you are adding will take up to 24 hours to be fetched and display the correct data inside Seelk Studio.

Adding Keywords via Excel

Click the 'Import Keywords' and the following pop-up window will appear.

Click 'Download template' button to download the Excel spreadsheet. You will see an Excel with two columns:

  • Marketplace

  • Keyword

Each keyword needs a corresponding marketplace. The following inputs are used for the various Amazon marketplaces:

amazon_us (USA)
amazon_ca (Canada)
amazon_fr (France)
amazon_de (Germany)
amazon_uk (United Kingdom)
amazon_sp (Spain)
amazon_it (Italy)
amazon_au (Australia)
amazon_cn (China)
amazon_in (India)

Here's an example of how to fill-in Excel file.

Once you've input your keywords and matched them with the relevant marketplace, save the Excel file (naming is not important) and upload the file into the interface. 

To upload: Click on 'Add products' and drag your saved Excel file into the drag and drop space provided and click the 'Confirm' button.

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