How do I tag my products?
A quick guide on how to use tags inside Seelk Studio
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What are 'product tags'?

Tags are a simple way for you to group products. You can select one or multiple products from a list and quick tag them with a word or phrase of their choosing. Once created, you can filter according to one or more tags. 

In Seelk Studio, any data table that lists products (for example in Catalog > Products) has checkboxes on the left which you can select to tag your products.

Tags can thereafter be removed from products by selecting and untagging them using the easy-to-use interface. 

How do I add tags to products?

Step 1: Select the products you wish to tag
Inside any data table click the check boxes on the left for the products you wish to tag.

Step 2: Add tags
Once you've selected your products click on the "tags & groups" dropdown at the top right of the data table and select "tags". You will immediately be prompted with a modal where you can create a new tag or select pre-existing tag to link to your products. Don't forget to click "Save tags"!

You'll notice the tags written below your newly tagged products.

How do I remove tags?

N.B. If there are more than two tags it is written "See all...", which you can click on to reveal all the tags.

Step 1: Select the products from which you wish to remove tags
Anywhere in Seelk Studio where there is a list of products in a table, products have their tags written underneath the product title. 

To remove these tags, simple select the products using the checkboxes on the left and click on the "Tags & Groups" button at the top right of the product table. 

Step 2: Removing the tags
A modal will popup prompting you to either add or remove tags. To remove tags, click on the "x" inside each tag that you want to remove under the "Current Tags..." section.

Once you've clicked on an "x" of a tag to remove it, you will notice a message in red saying "Are you sure? Tags will be removed for all selected products!". This means that for all the products you have select that specific tag will be removed.

If you wish to proceed with removing the tags, click the "Save Button"

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