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How do I manage my product tags?
How do I manage my product tags?

A quick guide to tag management and best practices

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So quickly, what are product tags?

Tagging is way to quickly group products together using a word or phrases, i.e. "tag".
In Seelk Studio, anywhere there is a data table with a list of product you are able to add and remove tags.

If you're new to Seelk Studio or have not yet used tags please read the following article before getting started on tag management:

This article is dedicated to how you can manage the tags themselves, i.e. how can you add them and delete them.

How do I manage my tags?

Where is Product Tag management?

Product tag management is located in Settings > Products > Product Tags

You can access two ways:

Click on the Settings ⚙️button at the bottom of the left-side navigation bar, go to Products and Product Tags.


When adding tags to your product via a product data table you can click "Go to Tag Management" in the modal.

Adding Tags

When you enter the Product Tags interface, if you have not yet added tags to your product you'll be prompted to add tags. 

To add tags clikc on the "Add Tags" button at the top right of the interface.

Once you've clicked "Add Tags" you'll notice a side bar appear on the right side of the interface. Here you are prompted to give you tag the following elements:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Color

Once you're done adding details to your tag, click the "Save Tag" button. You'll immediately notice the tag appear in the list of tags.

Deleting tags

To delete tags, click the check boxes next to tags on the tags list and click the trash can. You'll be prompted with a modal to delete the tags. Confirm by clicking "Delete". 

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