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How do I manage my keyword tags
How do I manage my keyword tags

A quick guide on managing your keywords tags

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Before you learn how to manage your keyword tags, if you haven't already, please check out our help center article How to tag keywords.

Where can I manage my keywords tags?

To manage your keyword tags, you first need to go to Settings > Keywords > Keyword Tags

Adding keywords tags

If you haven't added any keyword tags (remember you can do this directly via  Competition > Keywords after you've selected your marketplace), you'll notice that you're prompted to add a keyword tag.

Click on on the blue "+ Add Tags" and it will open a side bar where you can add your first tags. Once you're done click "Save Tag"

Editing a tag

To edit a keyword tag simply click on the tag in the list! It will open the "Edit/Add New Tag" bar on the right. There you can change or add whatever you wish (for example, the name of the keywords or its color). When you're done, click "Save Tag".

Deleting keyword tags

When insdie the Settings > Keywords > Keywords Tags interface you can easily delete your tags.

N.B. Deleting tags means that they will no longer exist inside Seelk Studio and be removed from any keywords you previously tagged.

On the left of each keyword tag in your list of tags, you will notice checkboxes. Click the checkboxes to select the tags you wish to delete then click on the trash can icon at the top right of the keyword tag table.

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