Upload images in the Compliance tab.
A quick guide to uploading Compliance Images in Seelk Studio to track Amazon content accuracy.
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Here you will learn how-to upload images in Seelk Studio Compliance tab. This will enable you to check that the images on your Amazon product pages are accurate.

Note: before setting up your Image Compliance, you have to add the concerned products in Seelk Studio and set up the Master Content for the concerned ASINs.

Set up and upload your images

Before uploading your Images on the Compliance tab, make sure you set up your images following the below required standards:

  • Accepted formats: .jpeg ; .jpg ; .tiff ; .png

  • Naming convention:

    • For your ‘main’ product image, use ASIN.MAIN.format (ex. B076T4MC7K.MAIN.jpg)

    • For the rest of your images —images 2 to 7— name the files using ASIN.PTIMAGENUMBER.format from PT01 to PT06 (ex. B076T4MC7K.PT01.jpg, B076T4MC7K.PT02.jpg, B076T4MC7K.PT03.jpg, etc.). Number them according to the order they should follow on the Amazon Product page.

  • Image size: maximum 1000 pixels.

Once your images are set, you’re ready to go !

  1. Inside the Catalog App, click on Compliance via the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on Images to switch from the Content section, to the Images section.

  3. Click on Upload images —picture icon on the right side of your screen. A pop up window opens and gives you informations on the naming standards you need to respect for it to work correctly (see above).

4. Select the country in which you want to upload your images. Please note that only the marketplaces of the products you added manually in Seelk Studio appear.

5. Drag and drop your images into the area provided or click to select files from your computer.

Please note that:

  • You can upload several images at the same time (max. 500 images at once)

  • The image you upload with specific order (ex: PT04) will be compared to the same one on the Amazon product page (ex here: the 4th one)

6. Click on Add to list.

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 18.22.32.png

7. Click on Upload.

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 18.15.17.png

8. Once your image upload ends processing, a green tick (✅) appear next to each images, and a blue button Close appear on the right side. To confirm, click on Close.

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 18.15.31.png

Note: there is a 1-week delay for image compliance to be processed and calculated in Seelk Studio. Please note that the Image section will remain empty during that time.

Update your images

If you want to change an image or its appearance order, you have to do the above process over again. Uploading the new image or naming will overwrite existing content.

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