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Change default currency inside Seelk Studio.
Change default currency inside Seelk Studio.
A quick guide on how to change your default currency at a user-level inside Seelk Studio.
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Here you will learn how-to change your default currency inside Seelk Studio.

In Seelk Studio, you can change the currency in which sell-in, sell-out and advertising data are displayed. This enables you to have a same-scale view of your Amazon Business, report on your performance the way you are used to and compare your data across multiple marketplaces to generate global insights.

You can manually change the currency in Seelk Studio’s Logistics, Advertising, Business Intelligence, Exports and Dashboards Apps.

Note : For the Buy Box and Catalog’s metrics displayed in currency —ex: Buy Box Price or Promo Price— the default currency is the one of the concerned marketplace and can’t be changed. Indeed, these metrics are used in the context of localized marketplace analysis; and not global ones.


You can also set a default currency that will automatically be applied on all the above.

Change your default currency

1. Go in your Account Settings.

2. Click on My Settings via the Settings’ navigation bar, then Currency.

3. Click on the currency selector and choose your default currency among:

  • Euro (EUR €)

  • Pound Sterling (GPB £)

  • US Dollar (USD $)

  • Canadian Dollar (CAD $)

  • Australian Dollar (AUD $)

4. Click on Apply on the bottom right of your screen —The currency is directly updated on concerned modules and set for new exports and dashboards.

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 23.43.12.png

Note: The new currency is not updated on previous reports and dashboards. In case you want to update those ones, you will have to manually edit each concerned exports and dashboards’ section and save your change.

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