On a daily basis, Seelk Studio retrieve Advertising, DSP, Vendor and Seller Central reports in local currencies. In order to facilitate analysis and insights gathering, Seelk Studio gives you the opportunity to change the currency in which your Amazon performance is displayed. This enables you to have a same-scale view of your Amazon Business, report on your performance the way you are used to and compare data across multiple marketplaces.

Currencies available and Metrics concerned

The currencies available are the ones of marketplaces in which Amazon operates, meaning:

  • Euro (EUR €)

  • Pound Sterling (GPB £)

  • US Dollar (USD $)

  • Canadian Dollar (CAD $)

  • Australian Dollar (AUD $)

  • Brazilian Real (BRL $) - available in 2022

  • Mexican peso (MXN $) - available in 2022

  • United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED د.إ) - available in 2022

  • Japanese Yen (JPY ¥) - available in 2022

  • Turkish Lira (TRY ₺) - available in 2022

  • Indian Rupee (INR ₹) - available in 2022

  • Singapore Dollar (SGD $) - available in 2022

  • Saudi Riyal (SAR ر.س) - available in 2022

  • Swedish Krona (SEK kr) - available in 2022

  • Polish złoty (PLN zł) - available in 2022

You can either change the currency manually in Seelk Studio’s Logistics, Advertising, Business Intelligence, Reports and Dashboards modules, or set a default currency in the Settings App.

You can change it on all currency metrics retrieved from Amazon Advertising, Amazon DSP, Amazon Vendor and Amazon Seller Central.


For the below currency metrics coming from a manual input or Amazon Consumer Website, the default currency is the one of the concerned marketplace and can’t be changed. Indeed, these metrics are used in the context of localized marketplace analysis:

  • Buy Box Price

  • Vendor Price

  • Promo Price

  • Recommended Retail Price

  • Maximum Price

  • Minimum Price

  • Cost Price

Seelk Studio’s Currency Conversion Process

Currency are converted based on the official and real-time exchange rates published by the European Central Bank. Seelk Studio leverages on the Fixer API for highest exchange rate data accuracy and functionality.

For each report retrieved from Amazon, Seelk Studio uses the exchange rate on the first day of the report: same day for daily reports, Sunday for weekly reports and 1st of the month for monthly reports.

If you’re looking your data on a wider period, Seelk Studio will sum each report with their own exchange rate.


Here are my US Shipped COGS Manufacturing (MSC) from week 40 to 43, the exchange rate on the first day of each week and the corresponding MSC in euros.

  • Week 41: MSC $35.200 / 1.00 US Dollar = 0.86 Euros / 30.272€

  • Week 42: MSC $28.700 / 1.00 US Dollar = 0.84 Euros / 24.108€

  • Week 43: MSC $36.100 / 1.00 US Dollar = 0.85 Euros / 30.685€

My total US MSC over the 3 weeks as displayed in euros in Seelk Studio will be 85065€.

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