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Add Products in your Seelk Studio Catalog (Manually).
Add Products in your Seelk Studio Catalog (Manually).
A quick guide on how-to add products to your Seelk Studio Catalog manually.
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Here you will learn how-to manually add your products inside your Seelk Studio Catalog, in the right section and with the right tracking frequency. Monitoring your Seelk Studio catalog is key to ensure proper analysis and relevant insights gathering.


Adding products in Seelk Studio enables you to:

  • Map the raw ASINs retrieved from Amazon Reports,

  • Be able to tag and classify them afterwards,

  • Track Content and SEO performance on those products,

  • Have representative Share of Voice insights between My Catalog and main competitors.

We don’t retrieve your Product Catalog directly from Amazon. Adding products inside Seelk Studio has to be done through the Settings App on a regular basis to ensure relevant data insights.

There are 2 ways to monitor your product catalog inside Seelk Studio:

  • Manually: add several products at once within the same section and tracking frequency.

  • Uploading an Excel: add several products at once with different sections and tracking frequency.

Add Products inside Seelk Studio (manually)

Beforehand: the number of products you can add in Seelk Studio is limited. Please refer to your Seelk Studio SOW or Jellyfish contact to know the terms & conditions.

  1. Click on your Seelk Studio avatar and go on the Settings tab.

  2. Click on Products in the Settings Navigation bar.

  3. Click on Add Products.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 10.22.40.png

4. Select Manually.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 10.23.43.png

5. a. Enter the ASIN(s) you want to add in your Catalog —💡Useful tip: you can copy paste an ASIN list directly into the modal (max. 4K ASINs at once).

5.b. Select the marketplace(s) of the ASINs you want to add.

5.c Click on Advanced Settings and define the product section and tracking frequency of these products. Optional: you can also classify them into existing product attributes or tags.

6. Click on Add to list.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 11.00.06.png

7. Click on Confirm. A confirmation message appears on the bottom right of your screen. Your product Catalog is now updated!

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 11.00.20.png


  • Once your products have been added inside Seelk Studio, they enter a Processing stage where product page information are gathered and scores computed. It may take up to 24 hours for them to appear in your Catalog. Patience... 🙂

  • If you add products that already are in your Seelk Studio Catalog, this won’t have any impact. Those products will be updated with the status, tracking frequency and section you just defined when adding them back.

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