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Change Product Section, Scrapping Frequency & Archive Products (Excel).
Change Product Section, Scrapping Frequency & Archive Products (Excel).
Once your products have been added in Seelk Studio, learn how-to monitor your catalog using Excel to ensure relevant insights.
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Here you will learn how-to monitor your products inside your Seelk Studio Catalog using an Excel file, updating product status, section and tracking frequency. It will ensure unbiased analysis throughout the software, improve overall loading performance and keep scrapping cost under control.

Note: these steps have to be done on a regular basis after adding your products inside your Seelk Studio catalog.

There is 2 ways to monitor your product catalog inside Seelk Studio:

  • Manually: monitor several products within the same section, tracking frequency or status. Each monitoring task is done independently.

  • Uploading an Excel: update several products with different sections, tracking frequency and status at once. All monitoring tasks on all products can be done at once.

Monitor your product catalog via Excel

  1. Click on your Seelk Studio avatar and go on the Settings tab.

  2. Click on Products in the Settings Navigation bar.

  3. Click on Add Products.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 10.22.40.png

4. Select Upload an Excel.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 16.11.53.png

5. Click on Download Template. An Excel spreadsheet entitled catalogue_template_date is directly saved in your computer ‘Downloads’ file.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 16.12.11.png

6. Click on the Excel file you just downloaded. You access a spreadsheet containing all your current Seelk Studio product catalog. Make your changes directly inside the Excel. All changes can be done at once.

Note: you can update 4,000 ASINs at once. If your modifications concern more than 4K ASINs, you will have to proceed with uploads by batch of 4,000.

To modify your file, you have 2 options:

  • Search the ASINs you want to change section, tracking frequency or status on and directly modify it in the concerned column. Uploading the updated file will overwrite existing content.

  • Delete all the cells except column titles, and only add the ASINs you want to change tracking frequency, section or status on. Deleting cells of existing ASINs won’t remove them from Seelk Studio, and uploading the updated file will overwrite existing content on concerned ASINs. (Recommended)

To archive a product (column activated): write down ‘FALSE’ in English and in Capital letter, instead of ‘TRUE’.

To change product section (column section): write down ‘MAIN’ (Core), ‘EXTR’ (Secondary), ‘DETA’ (Detached) or ‘COMP’ (Competitor) —all in English and in Capital letter.

To change tracking frequency (column scraping_frequency): write down ‘86400’ (daily), ‘172800’ (2 days), ‘604800’ (weekly), ‘2592000’ (monthly), ‘86400000000’ (once) or ‘0’ or leave the cell blank (never)

Note: make sure you don’t add space at the end of each cell’s container, otherwise you will get an error message when uploading your Excel file.


Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 16.59.05.png

7. When your file is complete just drag and drop it into the area provided or click and select the file from your computer, then click ‘Confirm’. A confirmation message appears on the bottom right of your screen. Your product Catalog is now updated!

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