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Share in-app views with teammates.
Share in-app views with teammates.

Sharing Seelk Studio URL with your parameters set to optimize teamwork and information sharing.

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As we say, alone we go faster together we go further. Sharing in-app views with your teammates is especially useful when:

  • You want to discuss performance and share insights with your colleagues.

  • You need support from our Customer Support team on a specific feature or data set.

Note: You can collaborate on Seelk Studio with anyone from your team, as long as they have a Seelk Studio user access.

Share in-app views to collaborate with Seelk Studio users

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A 'Share’ button is available throughout Seelk Studio's app suite in the upper right corner of each module:

  • Catalog

  • Business Intelligence

  • Competition

  • Logistics

  • Advertising

  • Buy Box

  • Dashboards

This feature enables you to share your Seelk Studio web session while keeping the filters, date range, breakdown and metrics you are currently using.

Note: Copying your URL directly from your web browser will remove the parameters you set and keep the default visualization.

This link has unlimited validity and is dynamic meaning if you choose a pre-set period date range — Last 7 days, This Week, Year-to-Date... — or if you change visualizations, data will automatically update without changing the link.

Tips: Save the link as favorite in your browser’s bookmark so you can access your Seelk Studio insights in a click without having to set parameters again.

Share in-app views with the Customer support team

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When working with Seelk Studio’s Support team, either for guidance on how to best use the software or to report an issue, we advised you to share your web session using the ‘Share button. This will ensure faster resolution as it will help our Support team to reproduce what you were trying to do and best guide you throughout your Seelk Studio experience:

  1. Click the Share button in the upper right corner.

  2. Click on Copy link — Your web session’s link is saved in your clipboard.

  3. Send us the URL in your message along with any additional details so the team can best support you.

Share dashboards with non-Seelk Studio users


You can share your dashboards with non-Seelk Studio users thanks to a specific permission called Viewer.

This can be leveraged for reporting needs to third-parties or colleagues who don’t have full access to Seelk Studio. This is available for Dashboards only.

Viewer users will:

  • Have reading rights to the shared dashboard and won’t be able to edit your dashboard.

  • Be able to change filters, period date range and breakdown but those changes won’t be saved.


  1. Contact the Customer Success team to create a Seelk Studio Viewer access. You will get login information to share with the user along with the link.

  2. Once the access is created, go to the dashboards you’d like to share.

  3. Click on the Share button on top right.

⚠️ Make sure your are in Preview mode and not edit mode when sharing your dashboards.


Tips: Check that the URL doesn’t contain edit-.

4. Copy the URL and send it to the Viewer user.

5. The Viewer clicks on the link, logins and accesses your dashboard. That’s it! 🚀

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