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Managing Dashboards
Managing Dashboards

Learn how to manage existing Dashboards

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To start using Dashboards, go to the Dashboard icon in the sidebar menu :


From this view, you have access to all the existing Dashboards in your account.

You can :

  • Organize your dashboards in folders

  • Duplicate a Dashboard

  • Edit a Dashboard

  • Add a Dashboard to your Favorites

How to use Dashboards Folders ?

Create a new folder

Click on the “+ Add New Folder” button on the top right corner. Give a name and a description to your folder. You will be able to edit these information later by using the Edit button.

Tip 💡: Add some colours in your Dashboards ! When Editing the name and description, choose a colour on the right side of the Name field to improve clarity.

Add colordashboard.gif

Add Dashboards to your folder

  • From the folder

Click on the + icon on the right of your folder title. You then have access to a dropdown list of all your dashboards. Select the one you want to add to your folder. You can check that the number of Dashboards in the folder displayed on the right has increased by one.

Add dashboard to folder colored.gif
  • From the Dashboard

Click on the 3 dots icon on the right side of the Dashboard title, and select “Add to folder” in the dropdown menu.


How to duplicate a Dashboard ?

You can duplicate a Dashboard by clicking on the 3 dots icon on the right, and then select “Duplicate” in the dropdown menu.

A copy will appear at the top of the list, from there, you can Edit it as you wish.


How to edit a Dashboard ?

When you first access a Dashboard by clicking on the title, by default you access it as a viewer. From there you can make some minor modifications like managing section filters or date range, but note that it won’t be saved.

In order to Edit and save modifications on a Dashboard, you can either click on the 3 buttons on the right, and then select “Edit”, or access the Dashboard by clicking on the title, and then click on “Edit” on the top right corner of your screen.

Tip💡: If the “Edit” option is not available, it means that the Dashboard was set as private by its owner. You can first duplicate it to make it your own, and then edit it.

Edit Dashboard.gif

How to add a Dashboard to your Favorites ?

Just click on the start next to the Dashboard title. The Dashboard will now appear in the “Favorites” tab and will be pinned at the top of the list.

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