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Your Dashboard is divided into Sections. Each section has its own filters, currency, and date range. Use them to group your widgets by theme or by country per example.

Create a new section

When you start a new Dashboard from scratch, you will have a first section created by default displayed as “Untitled Section”. Start by naming it by clicking on the title.

To add a new Section, scroll to the end of the Dashboard and click on “+ Add Section”.

You can choose a Full Width or Half Width section by clicking on the dropdown list on the right of the button. This way you can have 2 sections next to another.

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Tip💡: Use the button on the left of the Section title to move your section as you like.

Choose section settings

Choose your filters, currency and date range. You can also choose to see daily (when applicable), weekly, or monthly data.

These settings will only be applied to this section.


Copy / Duplicate an existing section

Duplicate a section in a Dashboard

Use the 3 dots icon on the right side of the section title to see the dropdown menu.

Choose the option “Duplicate”. You section will be duplicated at the end of the Dashboard you are editing. Scroll down to the end to see it.

You can then move it to another place in the Dashboard if you wish to.

Note that the duplicate option will only allow you to duplicate the section inside the current Dashboard. Use the Copy option in order to copy paste the section in another Dashboard.


Copy a section

Use this option to copy a section in another Dashboard :

1) Use the 3 dots icon on the right side of the section title that you want to copy to see the dropdown menu. Choose the option “Copy to clipboard”.


2) Go to the Dashboard where you want to paste the section. Don’t forget to switch to the “Edit” mode.

Scroll down to the end of the Dashboard. Next to the “Add section” button, you now have a “Paste section” button. Click on this button to paste your section.


Don’t forget to save your Dashboard.

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