Create or Edit a Dashboard

Learn how to start a new Dashboard or edit an existing one

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Tips 💡: Find your “Widgets Library” in your list of Dashboards and pin it to the top by adding it to your Favorites ! This Dashboard lists all the existing widgets and an explanation about the usage of each one.


Create a New Dashboard

Click on the “+ New Dashboard” button and start your Dashboard from scratch !


Now you can start building your Dashboard by creating your first section and add you widgets !

Edit an existing Dashboard

In order to Build or edit a Dashboard, you need to be in Edit mode, start by clicking on the “Edit” button on the top right corner of your Dashboard.


Or directly from the Dashboard listing, using the dropdown menu on the 3 dots icon on the right side of the title


Now you should see new options available, let’s see what we can do :

Private mode


You can choose to authorise or not others to edit your Dashboard, or even to only see it in the list.

  • Public Edit : When activated, everyone can Edit your Dashboard. If not, only you can.

  • Public View : Deactivate this option if you want to be the only one to see this Dashboard in the list.

Dashboard Settings

In Edit Mode, you can change the title by clicking directly on it and type your new title.

Access the Dashboards setting in order to add or change a description, a background image, add tags ...

Click on the wheel on the bottom right corner of the top section :

  • Dashboard Name : Give a name that will help everyone to know what this is about

  • Background image : Add an image to personnalise your dashboard

  • Description : Help others to understand the goal of this dashboard

  • Tags : You can use tags to categorise your dashboards (example : country UK, type Vendor, training Dashboard etc)


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