Manage Widgets

Widgets will allow you to display any metric from the tool in a specific format.

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Each section consists of a number of widgets that will display your chosen metrics in different formats. Available types of widgets are :

Each widget will display the data according to the section settings (filters, currency, date range).

Add a new widget

In a new, empty section, create a new widget by clicking on the “✚ Add Widget” button.


In case you want to add a widget to an existing section, you will find a “✚” icon at the end of each section.


Choose a widget type

Start by choosing the type of widget you want to build.

Learn about different types of widgets in the dedicated articles.


Manage Widget Settings

In “Edit” mode, you can access and edit the settings of an existing widget. Hover your mouse over the widget and see the menu appearing in a side bar on the right side of the widget.

  • The first icon allows you to drag a widget to another place in the section.

Drag widget.gif
  • The second icon, the wheel, takes you to the settings.


From there you can manage everything that appears in the widget : Metrics, comparison period, etc

Copy / Duplicate an existing widget

Duplicate a widget in a Section

Use the 3rd icon of the menu in order to duplicate a widget. Your widget will appear at the end of the current section.


You can then drag it, and edit it as you like.

Note that the duplicate option will only allow you to duplicate the widget inside the current Section. Use the “Copy” option in order to copy paste the widget in another Section or Dashboard.

Duplicate widget.gif

Copy a widget

Use this option to copy a widget in another Section or Dashboard :

1) Use the 4th icon in order to copy your widget :


2) Go to the Section where you want to paste your widget. When a widget is copied in the clipboard, an icon “Paste widget” will appear at the end of each section. Click to paste your widget.


Tips 💡: You can copy paste several widgets at the same time, they are stored in the clipboard until you use the cross button to clear the clipboard :

Don’t forget to save your Dashboard.

Delete a widget

Use the “bin” icon to delete a widget.

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