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Here you can find out the best keywords on your markets to optimise your content (description, title...) and your Ads Campaigns. This research will give you the keywords that are the most popular among user’s queries on an Amazon specific category.

In a nutshell, the feature Keyword Research enables you to :

  • Discover the top shopper searches per category within a certain date range

  • Make a deep dive on a specific search term to find top ASINs related

  • Identify keywords opportunities to improve your content strategy (description, title, bullets points...)

  • Add new related keywords directly into your Ads campaigns to improve your conversion rate


Start by choosing your criterias for your keyword research :

  • Date Range

  • Marketplace

  • Amazon Category

For example, you want to know the best keywords for Appliances in United Kingdom over the past 30 days :


You get the list of the best keywords in the chosen category with the following metrics :

  • Average rank : Average rank for a search term over the chosen date range

  • Trend : Variation of the ranking over the past 7 days

  • Highest Rank over the chosen date range

  • Lowest Rank over the chosen date range

Type a keyword in the search bar to find all related keywords in the list.

Deep Dive analysis per keyword

Clicking on a specific keyword will take you to a deep dive analysis :

  • Search Term History : see the evolution of the ranking over the data range period

  • Top 10 most clicked Asins on the date range :

Find here the most popular Asins for this keyword over the chosen date range.

For each searched term, the ten most frequently clicked ASINs are shown for the selected period. Furthermore, the click rate and the conversion rate of the product are displayed as a percentage.

This field shows the ASIN, i.e. the product that received the most clicks after entering the specified search term. This focus does not necessarily mean that the product was on top of the search results page. Instead, it accumulates the organic and advertised clicks.

  • Top Asins per day : Find here the top 3 most clicked Asins for each day of the chosen date range.

You can track & compare click and sales performances for every Asins at a daily level.

  • Related Search Terms : Find here the list of the best search terms related to the keyword

You can research and filter the relevant search terms for your product in your niche. Here, you will receive a list of all keywords that contain this initial search term. This way you can quickly find the keywords that are relevant to add in your product description (title, description, bullet points...) and to target through your Ads campaigns.

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