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Track at scale specific changes occurring across products in your catalog every day.

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J+Retail Analytics is an advanced digital analytics tool with an impressive amount of metrics and dimension. We provide a dynamic product categorization tool in order to help our clients make good decisions.

Thanks to the Dynamic Tags, now you can track at scale specific changes occurring across products in your catalog every day.

This empowers users to get a up to date list of items such as :

  • ASINs with a recent failing Content Score

  • ASINs latest negative reviews for the last days

  • ASINs going out of stock

  • ASINs which represents 80% of Shipped COGS

  • The 50 ASINS which the lowest or highest global PPM value

From a library of a preset rules you can easily enable or disable your dynamic tags.

These preset rules are categorized by theme :

  • Revenue

  • Profitability

  • Inventory

  • Review/rating

Dynamic tags are updated daily.

How to create your Dynamic Tags ?

  • To start using Dynamic Tags go to Settings

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  • then select “Dynamic Tag

  • then click on “ Add Dynamic Tag”

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  • Predefined Dynamic Tags are categorized : Revenue, Profitability, Inventory, Review/Rating.
    You can also customize the color of this specific tag

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  • List your Dynamic tags : From this view, you can directly get the number of ASINS which belong to each dynamic tag.

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How to use your Dynamic Tags as a filter ?

  • Apply your dynamic tag like a static tag. You can retrieve all dynamic tags activated from the dropdown

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  • You can distinct dynamic tags from standard tags thanks to the following symbol

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