From the console, you can now get a list of suggested keywords and the suggested bid for a list of ASINs.

The output file includes three suggested bids for each keyword. The resource includes three sets of impact metrics aggregated at the ad group level associated with each of the low, median, and high bids, respectively.

Note that impact metrics are based on historical performance of similar products to provide guidance on choosing a bid, and are not estimates of expected performance. Also, impact metrics are computed on the assumption that a campaign has not run out of budget

How to get suggested keywords for a or several ASINs ?

  • To start using this features “Keyword Recommendations” go to Search Term Insight

  • From this view, you can configure your keywords recommendation request by selecting a or several ASINs

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  • To select your ASINs, you can use several filters

    • Countries

    • Product Attributes

    • Product Tags

  • You can also enter the ASIN (id) or the title to retrieve your products

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  • After selecting your ASINs, you must define the number of keywords requested

    • per marketplace : here 10 keywords for each marketplace ( regardless the number of ASINs)

    • per ASINs : here 10 keywords for each ASINs selected

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